Community Rapid Review v3

This is the latest iteration to our thinking around a community rapid review system.  Two important things to stress: Firstly, the notion of being nurturing, supportive and educational is being seen as overwhelmingly positive – something I’m delighted with. Secondly, the idea is not to be in competition with systematic reviews or produce ‘cut down’ systematic reviews.  The idea is that there is a continuum of … Continue reading Community Rapid Review v3

Community rapid review: creating the right environment for novices

Creating the right environment to encourage users seems an essential element of any rapid review community.  Potential users will include health professionals with lots of experience in answering their clinical questions.  Similarly, there will be many information specialists with high levels of skills and experience.  For them, simply creating a rapid review ‘structure’ will be sufficient. However, a much bigger challenge is to encourage potential … Continue reading Community rapid review: creating the right environment for novices

Community rapid review

Last week I posted Making a community rapid review system as a way to see if there was interest in the concept.  The post has been viewed hundreds of times and we’ve now got a significant number of people who want to get involved to help shape the concept.  The response has been so positive my assumption is that we’ll build such a system. However, we … Continue reading Community rapid review