Systematic Review Assistant – a prototype

I’m based in Bristol, as is Louise Millard, who created the Systematic Review Assistant as part of her PhD – it’s a small world! The Systematic Review Assistant is a tool, based on text mining methods, to automate risk of bias assessments in systematic reviews.  As such it’s in the same area as RobotReviewer, which I’ve previously highlighted.  It’s a prototype but still good fun to … Continue reading Systematic Review Assistant – a prototype

Website of interest: Systematic Review Methods Filter at PubMed

Available via PubMed Health, “The PubMed systematic review methods filter finds publications to support this process. They could relate to the development or evaluation of any step in doing or using systematic review.”  The site can be accessed via this link. The scope includes both methods research and guidance documents. Methods research studies include: comparative evaluations of techniques development, evaluation, or validation of a technique … Continue reading Website of interest: Systematic Review Methods Filter at PubMed

Trip Rapid Review System

Systematic reviews in five minutes?  That’s the suggestion from Trip with their Trip Rapid Review System (TRRS) Conflict of Interest: I run Trip and designed the TRRS and wrote the posts I’ll link to below! The system is designed to replicate the results of a systematic review but using a number of shortcuts.  It doesn’t rely on a full search, it doesn’t critically appraise the articles.  … Continue reading Trip Rapid Review System

Website of interest: Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox

While aimed at systematic reviews this site has many tools designed to speed up (or is the word ‘expedite’ better?) the systematic review process! Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox is a searchable online catalogue of tools arranging the collection via this structure: Protocol Development Automated Search Study Selection Quality Assessment Data Extraction Automated Analysis Text Analysis Meta-Analysis Report Write-Up Collaboration Document Management The site includes a … Continue reading Website of interest: Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox

External link to Website of interest: BestBETs

Website of interest: BestBETs

BestBETs have been around for at least ten years and is produced by the Emergency Department of Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK.  The website states that it’s aim is: “…to provide rapid evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions, using a systematic approach to reviewing the literature.” The methodology has been static over the years and each answer/review follows the same structure.  Using the recent review (Fluid … Continue reading Website of interest: BestBETs