Rapid Review Guidebook from NCCMT

Copy of the email I’ve just received from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools:

Rapid Review Guidebook

As public health organizations across Canada adopt and implement evidence-informed approaches to public health decision-making, there is a need for up to date evidence that can be applied to local contexts. An effective way to synthesize current evidence on a topic is to conduct a rapid review of the literature.

Rapid reviews differ from systematic reviews in that the process is tailored for a shorter timeline, but it is still important to use rigorous methodology to ensure that the best available research evidence is used in decision making.

The NCCMT has developed a Rapid Review Guidebook that details each step in the rapid review process, with notes on how to tailor the process given resource limitations. The Guidebook also includes a guide to writing the final report, with details on how to structure the report and what to include in each section.

For help with any of the steps in conducting a rapid review, please contact us for Knowledge Broker support at nccmt@mcmaster.ca.

Download the Rapid Review Guidebook.


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