Workshop on rapid reviews

Text Analysis Tools and Rapid Reviews: Practical Guidance for Advanced Information Retrieval. This is part of the HTAi – Information Retrieval – Preliminary programme for the Pre-Conference Workshop in Rome, Italy, Sunday June 18 2017 Text analysis tools, speakers: Julie Glanville, Associate Director, YHEC (York Health Economics Consortium), University of York, UK Carol Lefebvre, Independent Information Consultant, Lefebvre Associates Ltd, Oxford, UK and Co-Convenor, Cochrane Information … Continue reading Workshop on rapid reviews

Finalised rapid review workshop outline

The workshop continues to take shape, even the ‘pitch’ to entice the academics to attend: Rapid reviews are becoming increasingly popular and talked about.  This is arguably because systematic reviews are becoming most costly and less usable.  But rapid reviews are an unknown quantity with no agreed methodology; even the term rapid is open to interpretation.  To some, rapid is six months, to other it … Continue reading Finalised rapid review workshop outline

Rapid review workshop outline

I’ve been asked to run an ‘introduction’ to rapid reviews workshop (open only to those in the organisation).  Below is the proposed outline and is liable to change in the next 2-3 weeks. Start. Introduction to rapid reviews.  This will cover the need for speed, the principles of value of information, two types of approaches to rapidity etc. 20 mins, with 10 minutes for questions Examples … Continue reading Rapid review workshop outline

Regulatory Data Workshop, Oxford June 2016

The inclusion of regulatory data is unlikely to speed any evidence review up.  However, it’s a really important topic in considering an evidence synthesis and it’s for that reason I’m highlighting this workshop organised by the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) in Oxford.  Taken from the CEBM website: In this workshop Tom and Kamal will present and discuss some of these issues on the basis of … Continue reading Regulatory Data Workshop, Oxford June 2016