Rapid review workshop outline

I’ve been asked to run an ‘introduction’ to rapid reviews workshop (open only to those in the organisation).  Below is the proposed outline and is liable to change in the next 2-3 weeks.

Start. Introduction to rapid reviews.  This will cover the need for speed, the principles of value of information, two types of approaches to rapidity etc. 20 mins, with 10 minutes for questions

Examples of rapid reviews.  Covering ‘cut down’ systematic reviews, rapid reviews based on regulatory documents and a 5 minute semi-automated system. 30 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

Tea break!

FDA/EMA regulatory documents. Hands on session (laptop/pc desirable) to familiarise users with the data contained in these documents – 30 minutes with 15 minutes questions

Rapid reviews for complex interventions. Worked example of a one hour review of risk factors and interventions to prevent drowning in children – 20 minutes with 10 minutes questions.


Automation and evidence synthesis – 20 minutes plus 10 minutes questions.

Close. But time for informal debrief and further questions.


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