Evidence Live 2018: Rapid review hackathon

I was at Evidence Live last week to discuss the Community Rapid Review idea.  It was good to see a number of sessions on rapid reviews and in one of those (where I was in the audience) a question was asked relating to comparisons between ‘rapid’ and ‘systematic’ reviews.  I suggested that, for Evidence Live 2018, there should be a RR ‘hack’!

At the start of EL 2018 a series of embargoed SRs would be made available to the organisers.  I (and hopefully a team of co-enthusiasts) would then receive an outline of each SR and we would then try to answer them – over the three days – using a variety of RR methods.  I’d like to see as least three different SRs each answered with at least three RR methods (longest being a day).

Near the end of EL there would be a ‘reveal’ to see how close they all were.

Lots of detail to arrange, for instance:

  • Arranging and selecting the SRs
  • Agreeing information to be given to the RR team(s)
  • RR methods
  • Volunteers to do the RRs
  • How to compare

Thankfully we’ve got a year to sort it all out!


4 thoughts on “Evidence Live 2018: Rapid review hackathon

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  2. Hi, I like it. If I could help you. I think the rapid review is the best way to get health evidence. Actually all it´s going quickly, we need to get the health-evidence update and the systematic review take so long .I think the R Review is the best way.


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