Finalised rapid review workshop outline

The workshop continues to take shape, even the ‘pitch’ to entice the academics to attend:

Rapid reviews are becoming increasingly popular and talked about.  This is arguably because systematic reviews are becoming most costly and less usable.  But rapid reviews are an unknown quantity with no agreed methodology; even the term rapid is open to interpretation.  To some, rapid is six months, to other it might be a month and for Jon (who’s leading the workshop) it’s 5 minutes.

The workshop with provide an introduction to rapid review methods.  It will explore the different approaches to rapid reviews including the use of automation techniques and regulatory documents.  At the end of the workshop attendees will be better placed to understand the place of rapid reviews in the broader ecology of evidence syntheses!

And the workshop outline:

Start. Introduction to rapid reviews.  This will cover the need for speed, the principles of value of information etc. 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions

Examples of rapid reviews.  Covering ‘cut down’ systematic reviews, rapid reviews based on regulatory documents and a 5 minute semi-automated system. 30 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

Coffee break

FDA regulatory documents, hands on (laptop/pc desirable) – 30 minutes with 15 minutes questions

Automation and evidence synthesis – 20 minutes plus 10 minutes questions.


Rapid reviews for complex interventions – experience of a one hour review of risk factors and interventions to prevent drowning in children – 20 minutes with 10 minutes questions.

Q+A then close

Any comments welcome.  Also, if you’re interested in a similar workshop where you work, just ask!