Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group Newsletter

In case you didn’t know, Cochrane has a Rapid Reviews Methods Group.  They have just released their second newsletter, the content of which is below.  To read the full newsletter, click here.

Cochrane RRMG at the Global Evidence Summit

  • Cochrane RRMG hosts workshop in Cape Town
  • A panoramic view of rapid reviews
  • Rapid reviews to strengthen health policy and systems
  • Rapid needs appraisal to inform outbreak response research workshop
  • Meet the conveners

Other news

  • Notes from Cochrane mid-year meeting in Geneva
  • Cochrane Membership
  • Cochrane Handbook 2018
  • Publications

NOTE: The last item ‘Publications’ this has lots more references than our version (ours sticks to methodology), so if you want to better appreciate the breadth of usage of RRs then it’s a good place to visit.


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