Trip Rapid Review System

Things move slowly and I’ve discussed – in 2017 – the notion of a Trip Rapid Review system.  In February 2017 I posted Community Rapid Review v3 and I also ran a workshop at Evidence Live 2017 to further inform my thinking.

Things got in the way – principally our automated review/map system – and now that the phase 1 of that is finished we’ve moved on to making some overdue changes on the main Trip Database.  But, after that, we should be able to proceed with the Trip Rapid Review System.

The core principles are the same as described earlier although we’re thinking we should integrate it with the automated mapping system to improve that but also to piggy-back off the visualisation software.  The minor downside is that we’ll focus on treatment reviews to start with (which are the majority anyway).  I think we’ll also better link to ongoing systematic reviews (via PROSPERO) and ongoing clinical trails (via to help users understand if a review is already happening (in the case of PROSPERO) and if there are new trials happening (or missing) via

Oh yes, our intention is to have these reviews – when peer-reviewed – properly published allowing users to count their work as a publication.  To do this we’ll attempt to obtain DOIs and ISSNs.

Work should start in early 2019…


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