A brief update

As mentioned previously we will start the build of our community rapid review system in early 2019. We’ve talked about it for so long now it seems like we just need to get on with it and hope we produce a system that people want to use.  We’re not sure of the likely delivery date, but it should take 4-6 months to build and test.

In other news I’m really pleased that a paper on RRs I’m co-author on has been accepted for publication and publication is imminent.  I’ve also submitted a paper on our automated evidence mapping system, which I’m hoping will also get accepted and published soon.  I’m not particularly motivated by writing academic papers but occasionally the opportunity arises!

I’m really interested to see how the rapid review field develops in 2019.  Continuing the theme I’ve noticed will be the continual ‘ownership’ of the space by academia – which is likely to be a mixed blessing. But I do hope there’s the opportunity for continued innovation and hopefully our community rapid review system will be part of that,


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