Two new articles and one non-surprise – RRs and SRs give similar results

Two new articles to highlight:

Using rapid reviews: an example from a study conducted to inform policy-making. O’Leary DF et al. Research Methodology December 2016

Methods for Developing Evidence Reviews in Short Periods of Time: A Scoping Review. Abou-Setta AM et al. PLoS ONE 11(12) 2016

I’ll have to do a reference trawl of the latter one as it reports:

Studies comparing the conclusions of RR and SR (n = 9) found them to be generally similar.

While the result (that RRs and SRs give similar results) is no surprise the fact that they found 9 articles is more than I was aware of!

Again, if they give similar results and one costs considerably more than the other I wonder what the ethical position is of spending the additional resource?


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