Making a community rapid review system

Rapid reviews are still being widely discussed and people are still trying to understand what they are!.  As well as all the talk there is much action, with many rapid reviews being undertaken using many different methods.

If it’s not widely known, this blog was created by myself (Jon Brassey) who also created the Trip Database.  With my ‘Trip Database’ hat on the whole notion of speeding up reviews to answer clinical questions is central to what we do.  So, rapid reviews and Trip go hand in hand.

One popular uses of Trip is to answer clinical questions, which can be seen as a form of rapid review:

  1. Clinical question
  2. Search terms
  3. Select and read appropriate documents
  4. Form an answer

So, thousands of these ‘rapid reviews’ are undertaken every week on Trip.  Unfortunately, these are only known to the person that did them and their knowledge is kept to themselves.  So, can we encourage people to share these reviews?  And, more importantly, allow other people to add to them and improve them?

If this idea interests you (even if you’re unconvinced it’s a great idea) I’m asking you to contact me to create a ‘working group’ to see how it can be delivered.  Email me at



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